CHANGES IN OCEAN LEVEL AND ALBEDO OF POLAR ICE CAPS                                       M.R. BLOCH1Palaeogeography , Palaeoclimatology, PalaeoecologyElsevier Publishing Company, Amsterdam-Printed in The NetherlandsA HYPOTHESIS FOR THE CHANGE OF OCEAN LEVELSDEPENDING ON THE ALBEDO OF THE POLAR ICE CAPSM.R. BLOCHThe Negev Institute for Arid Zone Research, Beersheva (Israel)(Received October 6, 1964)(Resubmitted January 27, 1965)SUMMARYThe  eustatic  changes  of  the  ocean  in  pre-historic  and  historic  times  arerecognized as erratic and steep.  A  hypothesis  is  proposed  to  explain  theseerratic changes with albedo changes of the polar ice caps, caused in turn byerratic volcanic and terrestrial dust fall-out. Ash layers in Antarctic ice cores areconnected with historic dislocations of salt production on ocean coasts and ofmaritime civilizations.Albedo changes through the dusting of the ice caps are proposed to be the causefor the decline glaciation periods generally. Such albedo changes are connectedwith volcanic activity on the one hand, and loess formation on the other, causedin turn by the growth of the ice caps.